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Chicky by Maria            Chicky by Maria          Chicky by Maria

When Life seems to get You down just hold on to it and it will pull You back up..

In 2001, some 3,985 road-miles apart, each of us began chat because of a relative.  Neither one of us knew much about the whole business.  As mysteries go, about the time we didn’t see much value in chatting—we began sincere and ordinary discussions, like neighbors talking over a backyard fence.

We sat at our screens like it were only a curtain.  And, with a simple, gentle stride, we shared tears, silence, music, wonderful humor and our very being.  This website began during that time, before we ever met in person.  We learned on this site, one error by one fix at a time.

Doug Slate, from Arkansas, left all that was familiar there to join Maria Coleman
in Alaska.  And, a new chapter began.  We’ll let you know how that story goes..

In the meantime, we continue with ordinary
talk and enjoy every precious moment
granted to us. 

We created this website as a shared project to see if we could do it and to display our artwork, pictures and our attempts at poetry. Mostly we just do it for fun.

Welcome to our site

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